Faith Prison Ministry was started by Jerry R. Huff in 2006.   While working in the Texas Prison System for seven years as a maintenance boss, Jerry lived and worked with inmates 8 hours a day, five days a week. I got to know them, to know prison life and how it affects them, very well. With my being able to work with them, I get down on their level. I understand where they are.”

Faith Prison Ministry has spread Gods Word at many of the prisons in the Houston area: Goree, Walls, Ellis, Byrd and Holliday units in Huntsville; the Luther and Pack units near Navasota, the Hughes Unit in Gatesville, and Eastham Unit in Lovelady.  The Texas Department of Criminal Justice operates the second largest prison system in the United States, second only to the Federal Prison System.

Three of these units have Faith Prison Ministry speak at their chapel on a monthly basis.  Some of them have him come in for special services and events.  Recently Faith Prison Ministry has partnered with Faith Baptist Church of Madisonville and organized three night prison revivals.  During these revivals, Faith Prison Ministry passes out items such as soap, toothpaste, and deodorant to the inmates and then delivers an encouraging message from God's Word. 

As of Fall 2007, over 500 prisoners have make professions of faith.  Two of these inmates have gone into the ministry following their release from the system.

Faith Prison Ministry is based in Madisonville, Texas.

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